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Why Assymetric Decryption by Digipedia Trustworthy?

You can request free samples for up to 900Kb to prove we can decode the latest asymmetric ransomware variants by pre-ordering via app.fixransomware! All clients' data sample are also available in the button below. If we are unable to return the data as it was, then we will make a total refund. Your payment is protected and kept by PayPal Platform.
We have restored sensitive data center B2B PLN Central Java, Fin Logistics, JTL, PT. Puma internasional and PT. Samsung Print & Pack. This proves Digipedia's commitment to data privacy and track record.
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Variants with ID Online have been Decrypted

FAQ Answers

What makes the fee high for some segments?
(1) If a package is considered expensive for you, then we recommend other ways to travel that are much more affordable. (2) We use several paid operational software per month (3) For new variant appears, we develop a database of virus decryption patterns and involve many cybersecurity experts (4) eventhough some ransomware are decryptable by a consisten pattern, we cannot publish our finding because the hacker will quickly patch the loopholes or bug in their encryption system
Why we must not pay ransom to hackers ?
Please note that hackers will not decrypt your files until the fully take out all of your money. So they demand more ransoms but your files will not fully recover. Plus your privacy will be exposed once they gain the access to your pc. The documentation of the victim payment and how the hacker scam him to extort his money is available in the following link:
Is it not allowed to operate the laptop or PC during the work process? Can I leave it while on the move?
Yes, you can. Because we only do data sampling every 21-30 hours, which means we enter your PC/Laptop not 24x14 working days but intermittent. The laptop does not have to be waited on, you can do daily activities because all the processes does not involve the customer.

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